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Our colour range

Because pandomo is more than just polished concrete, Concrete Artisans offers more than just plain greys. And because we can't take inspiration from just one place, we've taken it from all over the world.


Classic Italian elegance gives its character to Minimo. Unique shades of grey to recreate the minimal look.


In this palette, we take an imaginary trip through nostalgic French regions. These stunning colours evoke romantic pink and red wine.


We look beyond this world to find new moons, to keep dreaming. This range will bring on a neat sophisticated look.


Moved by the purity of the Malaysian vegetation, we generated a collection of greens to help us connect with nature.


Also from the Mediterranean , we created Odyssey, a truthful journey through mystical islands. The result: a pale and solid ambience.


The earth, seen from space as the blue planet, gives us hypnotic blues. These shades can recall the peaceful silent of the oceans or a tumultuous storm away from shore.


Inspired by mysterious and exotic lands we bring these ancient rocks and desert colours for a raw earthy feel.


The heat of the Carnival de Rio de Janeiro brings its bright colours to break up with old schemes. Ideal for a non-traditional impression.


A twist of our Minimo colour range. With a touch of our exclusive pigments, these tones add warmth to the ambiance.

Colour Facts
pandomo is a mixture of cement and natural mineral products where colour and texture will vary according to curing conditions, installation and sealing technique.  This product is unique and therefore has properties which set it apart from other man-made finishes such as ceramic tiles and vinyl.  Whilst colour effects can be achieved using Ardex liquid colour pigments, each floor is individual and will not necessarily conform to samples exactly.

Each floor is unique. It's not a uniform colour. As it's defined as a 'stone floor' with a natural look, the same colour can be used for different jobs but the polishing process may produce variations on the final result. When the pandomo is polished & sealed you get tonal variations & marbling effects, trowel pattern etc. Please notice the sealer used & the Ardex liquid colour pigments are UV stable & non- yellowing. Particular conditions such as lightning, colour of the walls, and extension of the area can also modify the perception of the colour.

Matching a specific colour upon request is also available, please note that colours can be matched closely but certain tones are just not achievable. Please contact us for further details about this service.


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