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Information as follows is just a recommendation from Concrete Artisans Pty Ltd, results may vary depending on condition of the floor and suitability.

We use and recommend HTC Twister™: clean shiny floors result and satisfied customers over and over again with TWISTER™ the Cleaning Revolution!

Twister™ Diamond Cleaning System consists of diamond impregnated pads in conjunction with Twister™ Cleaner that can be used on most common floor surfaces such as HTC Superfloor™ polished concrete, terrazzo, marble, natural stone, concrete, vinyl and epoxy.

Some unique advantages of the Twister™ Diamond Cleaning System are:

Produces a high quality floor that offers extreme cleanliness, without the use of wax or polish, resulting in high gloss every day.
Works on almost all floor surfaces and designed to be used with most janitorial machines.
Leaves a consistent shine on floors eliminating the need for periodic restoration along with 40% lower cleaning costs and less chemical (CLEANER is diluted 1:400) use makes Twister™ Diamond Cleaning System cost effective
Recognized as a preferred environmental choice for cleaning worldwide, due to Twister™ and Twister™ Cleaner eliminating the need for caustic or acidic cleaners and also being pH neutral for the environment.

Product overview:

Twister™ Black:

for heavy duty cleaning of stained and dirty industrial coatings and raw concrete surfaces. Removes oil, grease, soot and truck marks. Twister™ Black is the problem solver for the industry.

Twister™ Red:

for heavy duty cleaning of worn stone floors. Twister™ Red will effectively remove scratches and stains from the surface and leaves a clean, matt surface prepared for the subsequent Twister™ steps.

Twister™ White:

step 1 for the Standard or Intensive Twister™ method. Twister™ White will remove tiny scratches from the surface and leaves a silky matt, cleaned and well prepared surface for the subsequent Twister™ steps.

Twister™ Yellow:

step 2 for the Standard or Intensive Twister™ method. This stage leaves a surface that is well prepared for the final step of the Twister™ method.

Twister™ Green:

final stop for the Standard or Intensive method and also for daily maintenance of the floor. This step will effectively maintain a high gloss on the surface when used regularly. Twister™ Green is ideal for use on all floor surfaces such as stone, vinyl and linoleum. For high-speed polishing of HTC Superfloor, terrazzo and natural floor surfaces. Twister™ Green is also very effective in polishing polish-coated vinyl and linoleum floors.

Twister™ Floor Conditioner:

For stone floors in bad condition, add a small dose of Twister™ Floor Conditioner. When performing an upgrade of the floor it is also recommended that Twister™ Floor Conditioner be used. Works excellently as a spray buffer with Twister™ high speed polishing. Environmentally safe, Twister™ Floor Conditioner is approved as a “Good Environmentally Choice” by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. Twister™ Floor Conditioner does not contain wax or polish.

Need more information? Click here to download HTC Twister™ pdf.

You may also like to download this file on HTC Superfloorr™


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