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Renaissance of a forgotten art.

In the time of the Romans, terrazzo was a symbol for elegance and endurance. Later on the terrazzo floor spread especially in thriving Venice. Only at the beginning of the last century did this craftsmanship extended over Europe. Villas and upmarket bourgeois houses soon boasted extensive terrazzo works. In the second half of the 20th century terrazzo was increasingly replaced by alternative flooring for cost and time reasons. These fascinating floors, together with other tiled floors are now experience a renaissance.

The rediscovery of this smooth elegance is reinforced by an innovation from Ardex: Pandomo TerrazzoMicro. This system combines the great advantages of the classic terrazzo floor such as elegance, extreme durability and longevity with cost effectiveness, without limiting its technical possibilities.

Pandomo TerrazzoMicro: a finer variant.

A further facet of floor design in the terrazzo styles is provided by Pandomo TerrazzoMicro. The grain size of the decorative graining is significantly finer: only 1-3mm. the effect is therefore smoother, the accentuation is more discreet but the typical terrazzo character is maintained. Pandomo TerrazzoMicro is not inferior to traditional terrazzo in terms of resilience and abrasion resistance in any way. With its reserved elegance it fits perfectly into every setting and provides a grand entrance area, especially in high traffic areas such as entrance halls and corridors.

Fascinating possibilities.

Pandomo TerrazzoMicro systems floor surfaces are produced from two components: a more or less tension-free binding agent matrix, available in either black or white, and the fine mineral additives (decorative granulations). By the addition of Pandomo Colour Concentrates, the white matrix can be perfectly easily be dyed to any individually desired shade. Combined with individual decorative granulation mixes, the Pandomo TerrazzoMicro system offers and unbelievable variety of design possibilities.

Pandomo TerrazzoMicro product performance:

A high quality surface with a terrazzo look.

Particularly well suited to heavily frequented areas in new buildings and existing ones.

New binding agent system with high early strength: as a result curing is more or less tension-free and has low shrinkage.

Large areas can be created without problems and without grouting.

All system components from a single source.

Fast and reliable incorporation in indoor environments for layer thicknesses starting from 11mm.

High quality standard: Terrazzo surfaces laid exclusively by trained Ardex Partner firms.

More economical than traditional terrazzo. Suitable for use on hot water underfloor heating systems.

Walkable after 8 hours, can be diamond polished after 24 hours drying time.

Compressive strength: 45 N/mm2. Flexural tensile strength: 5.0 N/mm2.

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