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Read the following instructions or download the pdf version

How to protect a new floor:

- USE good quality fiber mats at entrances to prevent external grit and dirt producing scratching.
- NEVER slide heavy objects directly over the floor (the use of MDF sheets or similar is recommended).
- AVOID hot items (matches, cigarettes, etc) to come into direct contact with the floor.
- NEVER let staining substances (such as solvent based paints, asphalt, rubber, stc) to come into contact with the floor.
- ALWAYS use suitable glides, rollers and castors as well as bearing furniture pads and felt pads to avoid scratching or indentations.

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Maintenance Programme for Pandomo floor:

First month:

Use Liquid Pearl Floor Maintainer at least once a week to give further protection to your Pandomo floor. Finish with buffing/polishing machine (white/champagne nylon pad).

After the first month:

Use Liquid Jade Floor Cleaner once a week or as needed. Finish with buffing/polishing machine (white/champagne nylon pad). Use Liquid Pearl Floor Maintainer once a month to replenish shine.

Always read labels carefully before using cleaning products. All cleaning products for the Pandomo floor can be purchased from Concrete Artisans. Contact details:

Please follow the safety measures bellow to avoid accidents due to slippery floors:
-use an entrance mat to prevent the entry of water
-mop any water on the floor immediately
-all spillages (food, grease, water, stc) should be cleaned at once as they may cause slipperiness. Wipe with absorbent cloth, wash with the floor cleaner, rinse and allow to dry.
-watch out for glass cleaners and furniture polishes as they cause slipperiness when in contact with the floor.
-while cleaning, eliminate traffic from the area until the floor is completely dry.
-certain substances such as perfume sprays, disinfectant and airborne insecticide may contain solvents or oils may cause slipperiness or damage the floor.
-always use recommended concentration.

Because we care for our clients expectations beyond installation, we've developed a complete range of maintenance products, all non hazardous and made in Australia.

We recommend the following products to make the most of your pandomo floors (please order by email):

Liquid Pearl
It’s a balanced combination of a potent cleaner and an effective maintainer all in one. Restoring gloss and improving wearability, Liquid Pearl is ideal for all types of sealed floors including polished concrete, lino/vinyl and timber.  
For best results, use Liquid Pearl once a week during the first month after installation and then once a month to replenish shine. Available in 1kg container.

Liquid Jade
It’s an all surface safe cleaner. Its neutral formula with a fresh citrus fragrance makes it unbeatable for the everyday cleaning as well as tough jobs. Liquid Jade can be used on all types of floors like polished concrete, marble, terrazzo, ceramic/quarry tiles, slate, lino/vinyl and timber.

Use Liquid Pearl weekly or as needed after the first month of installation. It’s recommended to complement the cleaning using Liquid Pearl once a month to sustain glossiness. Available in 1kg container. 

Liquid Opal
It’s the ultimate total bathroom cleaner. Its organic citrus formula eliminates body fats and soap scum build-up from all bathroom surfaces leaving behind the freshness of Natural Citrus aroma. Liquid Opal can be used effectively on toilets, floors, walls, wash basins, as well as glass and mirrors. It can be used undiluted for showers and heavily built up soap and scum.*Not to be used on marble, limestone or granite. Available in 500g container.

Please read labels carefully before using cleaning products. Keep out of reach of children.

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