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PANDOMO 'floor' is a modern, durable, seamless floor system and provides every opportunity for architectural designs.

It has been independently tested and is compliant to Green Building Council specification IEQ-13 for low VOC. Click here to view certificate.

PANDOMO is a unique cement-based floor covering designed for all interior floor areas – homes, apartments, shops, foyers, offices, conference rooms, restaurants, reception areas and many more. It has the feel & character of a large stone floor area but without the need of unsightly grout lines. Yet PANDOMO is as tough & natural looking as high-quality hard wood timber flooring. With its minimum thickness of only 5 millimetres, PANDOMO can cope with permanent loads, it’s resistant to chair rollers and its homogeneous colour won’t fade.

PANDOMO is available in a wide palette of natural earth tones like white, grey, charcoal, umber, brown, red oxide etc. Or make a statement with a vibrant red, green, blue, yellow, orange or purple. The very colour you are dreaming of is achievable because the PANDOMO liquid pigments can be mixed individually.

If your floor design consists of two or more colours, PANDOMO can give you a continuous floor surface, because the coloured sections meet without any metal joints. You can incorporate colours exactly the way you want, create shades, graining, marbling and many other artistic effects.

PANDOMO is here. No more need to follow pre-determined patterns - now you can experience the floor surface as an open area, ideal for visual forms of expression & striking impressions. PANDOMO is the new surface design: smooth natural look, unlimited colours, a warm feel & absolute freedom.

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